One of the most important materials of the clothing made

Woven Fabric

Light 4 Ways Spandex
⦿ Weight: 140gsm
⦿ Features: Comfortable, breathable, delicate and Moisture-wicking
300T Pongee
⦿ Weight: 65gsm
⦿ Features: Soft and smooth
Twill Peach Skin Velvet
⦿ Weight: 110gsm
⦿ Features: Soft and breathable
228T Nylon Taslon
⦿ Weight: 105gsm
⦿ Features: Warm and economy-friendly
Oxford Fabric
⦿ Weight: 70gsm
⦿ Features: Wear resistant and waterproof
380T Nylon Taffeta
⦿ Weight: 60gsm
⦿ Features: Wear resistant and hygroscopic

Knitted Fabric

Jersey fabric
Jersey Fabric
⦿ Weight: 180gsm
⦿ Features: breathable and hygroscopic
interlock fabric
Interlock Fabric
⦿ Weight: 220gsm
⦿ Features: Smooth, breathable and anti-pilling
Pique Fabric
⦿ Weight: 185gsm
⦿ Features: Breathable and moisture wicking
Mesh Fabric
⦿ Weight: 160gsm
⦿ Features: Dry fit and moisture wicking
Knit Waffle Fabric
⦿ Weight: 200gsm
⦿ Features: Breathable and anti-pilling
⦿ Weight: 300gsm
⦿ Features: Soft touch


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