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What is rPET?

rPET,short for recycled polyethylene terephthalate,refers to any PET materials that comes from a recycled source rather than the original,unprocessed petrochemical feed stock.

It is commonly used as packaging material for foods and beverages-mostly found in transparent bottles.

Why should we recycle PET?

Sometimes, our greatest strengths can beget our greatest weaknesses. For PET, its high durability means it takes five to seven centuries for it to begin to break down if it ends up in landfills. This low degradation rate, alongside the increasing volume of PET production, has rendered it a contributor to the plastic waste crisis the world is facing today.

apparel factory in china | apparel supplier | rpet

But now,it has found its way into the textile industry,usually referred to by its family name,polyester.PET now can be made into RPET Clothing.

What is RPET Clothing?

Recycled polyester is also known as RPET, with the “R” standing for recycled and the ”PET” for polyethylene terephthalate. Its use is particularly popular for sportswear, loungewear, and outdoor garments. It is made of recycled plastic water bottles, textile waste, and even old fishing nets. There are two methods of recycling plastic into RPET clothing: mechanical and chemical.

apparel factory in china | apparel supplier | rpet
Step 1.
Recycled bottles are collected and chopped
Step 2.
Chopped bottles are ground,melted and reformulated into repreve chip.
Step 3.
Chips are then melted and extruded into repreve recycled fiber.
Step 4.
Fabric is made from the fiber eco-friendly products are created

our finished RPET Porducts

Case Study

Uniform Polo For Our Clients

100% Recycled Polyester

Embroidered Logo

not easily deformed
always with premier quality

moisture wicking
stay refreshed in the summer

comfortable cotton feeling
stretch yourself at ease

rpet polo
rpet vest
apparel factory in china | apparel supplier | rpet

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apparel factory in china | apparel supplier | rpet
apparel factory in china | apparel supplier | rpet
apparel factory in china | apparel supplier | rpet

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